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" Mama's in the kitchen baking up a pie.
Daddy's in the backyard, "Get a job, son,
You know you ought to try".
I packed up my bag, I headed down the road,
I got me a job from Henry Ford.
But I made a mistake, I moved much too far
And now I know what the lonesome blues are...
I`m getting lonesome, I'm getting blue,
I need someone to talk to.
I`m getting lonesome, I'm getting blue,
Let me tell you where I'm going to..."

Going to my home town


Rory Gallagher et Gerry McAvoy photographiés , probablement dans leur loge (je ne me souviens plus exactement...) avant leur concert du 3 juin 1972 à Lausanne. Négatifs scannés avec Nikon D850

© Jean-Claude Péclet. Reproduction soumise à autorisation.

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